Detailed Database of Grievance Information

Each grievance report can record and track more than 40 specific fields including multiple important dates, employer data, and member data.
Powerful Searching and Filtering Options

Keyword search all grievance data or specific data fields quickly and easily.
Filter search results based on multiple options.
Email or Text Notification of Important Grievance Dates

Receive email notification or text message notification reminders when important grievance review dates are approaching.
Sophisticated Contract Keyword Searching

Keyword search all contract documents.
View hierarchy results and keyword highlighted text specific to each contract.
Multiple Secure Access Levels

Access can be limited to view only status, editor status, or administrator status.
GrievTrac Packages
Updated On: Jun 02, 2022

Standard Single Local License

$59.95 per month + $495 Setup Fee

Includes all features and member, employer, and contract databases. Plus up to 3 hours of custom programming time. Additional customization can be quoted based on your requirements.

* Up To 50GB for Contract, Document, and Report Storage 
(Add more space as needed)

* Unlimited Member Records

* Unlimited GrievTrac Users

Add Member SYNC for even more power!

Want the ability to import members into the GrievTrac system for easy record tracking? Member SYNC allows you to upload a member spreadsheet file and import the contents into the system. The application is customized to your specific spreadsheet and data requirements.

Once the members are imported into the system, they can be easily selected when adding new grievance reports. The member data is automatically populated into the grievance form when a member is selected.

Member SYNC is a $299 onetime setup fee.
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Customization Available

GrievTrac gives your organization a powerful tool for grievance handling. The GrievTrac system can also be custom tailored to fit any special requirements. Start with the main architecture and let us know what changes are needed to make it conform to any legal or procedural requirements for your organization.

(* Additional setup charges may apply depending on customization required. Contact us to find out more.)

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